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Visit Porvoo

The tourism and marketing manager of the city of Porvoo, Sari Myllynen, needs images for her work that strengthen Porvoo’s attractiveness and showcase the city’s charm and atmosphere.

The collaboration with the city of Porvoo began as early as 2015.

“In Nikon’s photos, the city’s unique characteristics and strengths are highlighted in a splendid way, and light is present in many different forms.

The images commissioned by Myllynen are used in digital and traditional advertising, outdoor advertisements, and on the city’s website.

“High-quality images are the foundation of our marketing.

Easy to find a common ground

According to Myllynen, the most important aspect of any collaboration is finding reliable partners who understand the unique characteristics and needs of the client’s operations.

– “It has been easy to find a common ground with Nikon. He listens to the client and executes the given brief while bringing in his own suggestions and insights. He also has a good understanding of the operations of municipalities and cities. The service is always fast and reliable.”

Myllynen warmly recommends collaborating with Nikon.

– “Through his active presence on social media, Niko has gained a lot of visibility and delights large audiences with his stunning photos. It has been great to follow Niko’s work, and I can wholeheartedly recommend collaborating with him.”

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