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Digisähkö Ltd is a contracting company specializing in the design and implementation of smart homes. The company integrates various electronic systems — such as heating, video surveillance, and lighting — into one user-friendly system.

The company was founded by Jani Hirvonen in 2014.

Images that Represent the Company Brand

The need for high-quality and authentic photographs arose when the company revamped its website.

“Our goal was to have a high-end visual identity. Since we specialize in high-quality smart homes and our clients value quality, it was clear that the image material should also be of high quality. That’s where it all started,” says Hirvonen.

The aim was to obtain authentic images that represent the company brand.

“We wanted to move away from stock photos. Digisähkö Ltd also had new and high-quality photos taken of the staff. Read more about photographing staff.

Authentic images create trustworthiness and communicate quality

Digisähkö Ltd’s main customer group consists of smart home customers who are demanding individuals with high quality standards. In addition, the projects are usually more complex than average.

“We had seen Nikon’s shots on social media, and his versatility convinced us. Previously, we had a good photographer who took really good portrait photos, but in the space shots, what we were looking for didn’t quite come across. But with Nikon, all these pieces fell into place.

“Photography is its own art form. Some just have the eye for angles, compositions, and the beauty of space, landscape, or people. When I saw Nikon’s finished products, it was evident that a professional had been at work.

A photo taken by Nikon ended up on the cover of a British magazine

Jani kertoo, että kuvat tulevat käyttöön uusilla verkkosivulla, some-julkaisuissa ja lehtiartikkeleissa.

Jani mentions that the photos will be used on the new website, in social media posts, and in magazine articles.

“We use photos extensively in our company’s communication. One of the photos taken by Nikon made it to the cover of a smart home industry magazine in Britain,” Jani explains.

Jani Hirvonen, Digisähkö Oy: ”We wanted high-quality images for our quality-conscious customers.”

”He had a pretty impressive kit with him”

Jani Hirvonen found the collaboration with Nikon pleasant; things were handled smoothly, and they immediately found the same wavelength.

“Niko had fresh ideas, and things worked well. When we told him what we wanted to convey in the pictures, Niko immediately had thoughts on how to get it done.

“He had a pretty impressive kit with him too, he had drones and everything if aerial shots were needed,” Jani laughs.

Niko offered versatile and high-quality service. Digisähkö Ltd acquired both showroom photography and customer site photography, including aerial shots.

“I can definitely recommend Niko’s services. Niko shows up on time, as agreed. The quality is really high-level and consistent. On top of everything, Niko is a really nice guy as a professional, it’s fun to work with him.

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