Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

A portrait should reflect the personality of the subject, be genuine, and serve as a memorable calling card.

In portrait photography, I aim to capture unique moments that last a lifetime. Instead of stiffness, I create a relaxed and authentic atmosphere.

Together with the client, we seek out the best possible location for the shoot, one that tells the story of the company and something about the person being photographed. I approach each photo with warmth and professionalism.

Professional Staff Photography

Anyone can snap selfies, but creating a professional staff photo requires vision, experience, and the skill to work with the subject.

I provide staff photography services:

  • Individually tailored: Each session is customized to meet the needs of the company and takes into account the personality of the subject.
  • Skillfully guided: I aim for a relaxed atmosphere and help the subject bring out their best.
  • Storytelling: I create images that tell a story and evoke emotions.

Relaxation is key in staff photography, and incorporating the work environment can add authenticity to the photos.

It’s advisable to allocate sufficient time for the shoot. I also recommend hiring a makeup artist for the best results. Photos can be taken against a white background or in any color of your choice. I can set up a studio in your company’s premises, saving the staff time away from work.

Group photos and team shots are also important for communication. Group photos can be taken outdoors, incorporating elements like company vehicles, the office building, forest settings, or any other environment that suits your brand.

Tips for the shoot:

  • Wear neutral clothing that isn’t seasonal (if the photo will be used year-round).
  • Bring a couple of different tops.
  • Follow the photographer’s instructions on posing.
  • I can handle the arrangements for the shoot.
  • Avoid clothing with small patterns or stripes as they may not photograph well.

Location Matters in Staff Photography

Staff portraits can be captured in a variety of settings, either in a chosen atmospheric environment or conveniently at the workplace, allowing employees to avoid disruptions to their workday.

The photo sessions are tailored to match your company’s style, and you can receive the images promptly if needed. Staff photography is suitable for both small and large businesses.

Feel free to reach out! I’m happy to provide more information about my services and brainstorm suitable photography options for your company.

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