Wedding photography - Documentary style wedding photography, and other wedding photography services!

One of the most important days in your life is your wedding day, a wonderful and big feast of love. It is a passion for me to be able to record such an event, what can be better and happier than such? Let’s make your photos unforgettable even for the following generations to view. The planning for wedding photography always start before the wedding event in a meeting where the desired result is planned to match your requirements. The photography gear I use is high class and luminous, my professional level is high! All my wedding photography customers recommend my services highly. My home field is here in Porvoo, however I have wide knowledge of different photo locations in all of South-Finland.

In my opinion every wedding couple deserves the best quality photos, no more pocket camera shots from family members, not that they would be bad ofcourse! The photos should display emotions and joys. A good number of photos should be taken. More photos, more possibilities. I would recommend a day-long documentary style wedding photography – a golden choice! It can produce over 1000 photos and they are easy to store in digital form these days. You can have canvas-boards or a photobook made from your photos at any time.


1) Wedding Photography, its important to make good photos to your memories. Day will start with the potrait pictures!

2) Kuvat kaasojen ja bestmanien kanssa. Kannattaa kuvauttaa ryhmäkuvia teistä. Muisto joka säilyy kotiseinällä sekä kavereilla aina ja voi palata sen kautta muistoihin.


3) Valmistelut, ne kannattaa kuvata sekä tietysti juhlapaikka. Näihin on nähty paljon vaivaa ja suunnitelutyötäkin! Otetaan jo ennen vieraita niistä kuvia. Erilaiset koristeet ja pöydän antimet kannattaa ikuistaa.

4) i will catch all the moments! 


5) Leave photographing to professional photographer. You can celebrate with no worries!

6) Photography on wedding place


Aerial Photography. Drone makes the difference! 

Service plans and pricing:

– “Diamond option – when you want to have it all” Documentary style day-long wedding photography 1490 euros, depending on your requirements.
– “Basic package” Wedding photos, -ceremony and general photography on the party location until the end of the wedding dance, 1250 euros.
– “Wedding photos and ceremony”, 550 euros.
– “Wedding ceremony”, 350 euros
– “Wedding photos”, 300 euros
– “Custom package”, please contact and let’s make a plan together that fits your requirementst the best.

The prices include VAT tax (24%), the prices include image processing and delivery in digital form using our cloud service. Alternatively the content can be delivered using USB memory sticks. Depending on your location, we may need to add transportation costs to the prices.

Please choose our services and let’s have a memorable day together.