Person photography

Portrait photography for private individuals and companies. Visit us to have a great portrait photo taken, which keeps it’s quality perpetually. The best moment is now, let’s not let it pass. Everybody needs photos of themselves for CV, website, or even for Tinder. Meaning, whatever your need for a photo is, let’s make the best photo of you. Everybody is worth a beautiful photo. You don’t have to wear a suit to get a photo taken, it can be taken of you in a normal, everyday look. The photos can be taken outside, in an event, at your workplace or inside in our studio. I prefer to take photos in natural light, it makes the photos as real as they get. Flash photography is ofcourse a speciality of mine and photos can be taken in dark indoor locations as well. I have photographed for example singers in different events, and people in various work duties (chefs, builders, drivers), the photos of whom can be used in company publications. Portrait photos can ofcourse be taken also with your spouse or a pet you love. I always strive to bring in each photo I take my own touch which separates the photos from other photographers’ work in a positive way. If you have a feeling that a good photo is never taken of you, you are wrong! Good photos can be taken from everybody and I am able to bring the best of you visible. I am sure that you will be proud of your photos. You do not have to be a professional model in order to look good in photos. I can take also group photos for private individuals as well as for companies.
Regardless of what your need for a photo is, choose me! I will always listen to my customers’ wishes.